This is the #1 highlight bot you will ever come across. The highlight features are useful for moderators that can't or don't want to watch every channel 24/7 looking for text or images that break the rules in a server. The bot is categorized as a multipurpose discord bot. It includes features such as highlight notifications so you can setup plain word triggers or for advanced users RegExp triggers. The bot also has a feature for OCR so the bot can scan images posted by users and notify you of words in them, this feature may be disabled at any time. We do have a lot of other features as well such as moderation. You can use the bot's h!help command for more information on the bot and bot commands. h! is the bots default prefix, which can be customized. You may also use @mention as the prefix if you'd like. If you enjoy this bot then feel free to check out our other bot StratoBotElite which has a much more variety of features to choose from. If you have any questions or issues with any of our bots then feel free to let us know on our Support Server so we can get them fixed. Thank you for choosing our bots. We hope you find that everything's to your liking with these unique bots ❤.

Command List

# Block Commands:
• h!block → Manage the items in your blocklist. Items in your blocklist won't trigger your highlights.
• h!ignore-block → Get notifications from a specific user.

# Configuration Commands:
• h!disable → Disable a command.
• h!enable → Enable a command.
• h!prefix → Change the command prefix the bot uses in your server.

# General Commands:
• h!invite → Displays the join guild link of the bot.
• h!ping → Runs a connection test to Discord.
• h!support → Displays the support server invite link.
• h!upvote-list → All the links to upvote the bot.

# Info Commands:
• h!guild-info → Get information on the current server.
• h!help → Display help for a command.
• h!info → Tells you some information about me!
• h!mutual → Retrieve a list of servers that a user shares with you.
• h!role-info → Shows various information on the given role.
• h!user-info → Get information on a user with an id or a mention.

# Logging Commands:
• h!deleted-message-log → Logs messages that have been deleted on the server to a channel.
• h!edit-message-log → Logs messages that have been edited on the server to a channel.
• h!mod-log → Set the channel to log moderation commands.
• h!user-join → Display a welcome message in a channel when a new user joins the server.
• h!user-leave → Display a goodbye message in a channel when a user leaves the server.

# Moderation Commands:
• h!ban → Bans a user and deletes last x days worth of messages.
• h!cases → List all punishments given in this server.
• h!check-invites → Returns a list of members with an invite as their presence.
• h!kick → Bans a user and deletes last x days worth of messages.
• h!lock-down → Lockdown a channel to prevent users from messaging.
• h!mute → Mutes a member from the server.
• h!reason → Edit the reason for an existing punishment.
• h!remove-case → Remove a case from a user.
• h!search → List all punishments given to a user in this server.
• h!soft-ban → Kicks a user from the server, deleting a days worth of messages.
• h!temp-ban → Bans the user for the duration specified and deletes the last x days of messages.
• h!un-ban → Unbans a user from the server.
• h!un-mute → Unmute a muted member.
• h!view-case → View a specific case from a certain member's history.
• h!warn → Gives member a warning.

# Music Commands:
• h!lyrics → Fetch lyrics for a given artist and song.

# Notepad Commands:
• h!notes → Manage the items in your notepad. These can be used for notes.

# Roles Commands:
• h!assign-muted-role → Add a role to be used with mute.
• h!auto-roles → Add or remove an auto role.
• h!join-role → Apply a self-role to yourself.
• h!leave-role → Remove a current self-role from yourself.
• h!self-role → Add or delete a role that member's can apply to themselves.

# Settings Commands:
• h!enable-devmode → Enable developer mode to allow for using regular expressions.
• h!toggle-dnd → Toggle Do Not Disturb mode. When activated the bot will not notify you of triggers in any server (global setting).
• h!toggle-notify-once → Toggle whether you would like to only get one notification for a user that mentions one of your triggers.
• h!toggle-ocr → Toggle OCR (Image Scanning). When activated the bot will scan images for triggers (global setting).

# Triggers Commands:
• h!regexes → Manage the items in your regex list. Regexes are used for advanced triggers.
• h!words → Manage the items in your word list. Words are used for simple triggers.

# Utilities Commands:
• h!math → Evaluate equations.
• h!purge → Delete many messages quickly.
• h!suggest → Suggest a feature to add to the bot.